African-Chinese Model Urges Singaporeans to Stop Using the N-Word on Twitter


An African-Chinese teen is making a stand to urge Singaporeans to never use the n-word – unless they are black.

Melanie Kasise, a 16-year-old teen model, urged other Singaporeans to stop using the racial slur. Kasise, who is of African and Chinese descent, further admitted that she hates using the word even though one could argue has a claim to it as a black woman.

Hey my beautiful Singaporeans. please do NOT say ‘nigga’ unless u black,” she said in her tweet. Even as a girl that is partially african, i do not like to use that word because it is a word with ALOT of history, and even i, have not been through the true weight of the word.”

According to Coconuts Singapore, the reason why Singaporeans are not exactly bothered dropping the N-word is that most of them are not very much familiar with the word and how it holds “centuries of blood-soaked history.” Locals were not exactly properly educated with the word and even black culture, the report continued to note, which can explain a lack of resistance to things like blackface on TV.

Featured images (left, right) via Instagram / melskk, (middle) screenshot via Twitter / kelaniemasise

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