McDonald’s in Japan is Selling an ‘Adult Cream Pie’

McDonald’s in Japan is Selling an ‘Adult Cream Pie’

January 13, 2020
McDonald’s Japan is raising eyebrows online after announcing a new dessert item called the Otona no Cream Pie or the “Adult Cream Pie”.
The Adult Cream Pie will be released as a limited-time dessert item and will come in two different flavors: Belgian Chocolate and Sweet Fromage, according to SoraNews24.
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The word “otona,” which translates to “adult,” is often used in the Japanese sweets industry to describe confectionery that is less sweet than other brands. It evokes a sense of high quality and refined flavor.
While the usage of the word seems innocent, by adding the words “cream pie” into the menu, McDonald’s Japan turned the dessert into an internet sensation.
Their ad featuring two women talking about cream pie doesn’t help either.
The young woman in the ad is played by Sairi Ito, while the other woman is played by “The Grudge” actress Yoko Maki. Both women are referred to as “senpai” (senior) and “sensei” (teacher), respectively.
“That cream pie, is it really that delicious?” the younger woman asks her older companion.
“If you eat it once, you’ll be filled,” she replies.
The two women jump into a cab and ask the driver to bring them to the nearest McDonald’s where they order the dessert.
While people in Japan may not find this new addition to the menu too lewd, some English speakers are having a blast with the latest announcement.
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The Adult Cream Pie dessert is available starting Jan. 15 for a limited time and it will cost 150 yen ($1.37) each.
This is not the first time that McDonald’s Japan has caused controversy. Last year, the fast-food chain released cups featuring images of a couple that, when viewed at an angle, revealed inappropriate images.
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