Pornstar Adriana Chechik Reveals Asian Male Fetish and Now Guys Are Pretending to Be Asian

When pornstar Adriana Chechik posted a tweet looking for Asian guy for a role in an upcoming project, she was overwhelmed with responses from her social media followers.

“Damn guys, I am loving going through these emails!” she posted on Twitter over the weekend. “Asian men are a big fetish for me and I’m so turned on now… Thank you for all the responses. Even if you’re not selected, I will reply.”

What she did not anticipate, however, was the influx of non-Asian men pretending to be Asians just to be considered for the spot.

“People commenting to my Asian talent request: Next time, please don’t imitate by doing things to your face, also don’t make unwanted assumptions based on your own thoughts.”

She also called out those who made racist comments on her original post that she has since taken down.

“It is disappointing to see such disrespect,” she added. “You ‘poking fun’ of any race from here on out will get blocked.”

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Despite the negative responses, it appears Adriana was able to collect enough applicants for the project.

“Drooling. I think all my next scenes for my site will be Asian men!! Lol there are just so many good candidates! I think a gangbang is in order!!”

Adriana has been open about her Asian fetish for years now based on her past social media posts.

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I new one day I would get my Asian gangbang!! ❤😊😍 #dreamsrellydocometrue

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Last month, she also hinted of doing a porn reboot of the classic 1992 French drama film “The Lover” (“L’Amant”), which many believe is the project she was hoping to do with her recent casting announcement. 

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