A Budding Startup is Trying to Kill Victoria’s Secret By Offering Something They Don’t

A Budding Startup is Trying to Kill Victoria’s Secret By Offering Something They Don’t
Editorial Staff
October 15, 2015
One up-and-coming company has its eyes set on taking down lingerie giant Victoria’s Secret.
Adore Me, located in New York, is quickly making a name for itself in the lingerie industry. The company, which started in 2011, saw a 15,606% surge in growth within three years. Sharon Klapka, the director of business and brand development of Adore Me, stated in an interview with Business Insider:  
“We aim to slay Victoria’s Secret.”
The company brought in $1.1 million in sales in 2012 and $5.6 million in revenue in 2013. Last year, the lingerie underdog made $16.2 million from purchases. Klapka made note of their competitor’s weaknesses:
“They [Victoria’s Secret] are slow, they are expensive, they make women feel sidelined. It is about time that someone really revolutionized the space, and we’re doing it.”
Adore Me has an advantage over Victoria’s Secret in a few ways. Most noteworthy is their emphasis on a wider selection of sizes for all body shapes. Klapka emphasizes:
“If you’re petite, if you’re plus [size] — why do you need to feel sidelined?”
The new company also takes into consideration what their customers want through the use of A/B testing to assure that their advertisements resonate with consumers.
One of these ways includes their use of online polls to gauge customers’ interest in certain products such as their Valentine’s Day corset, which sold out in 13 days.
Their marketing strategies are tailored to fit the millennial audiences. Adore Me engages with customers on popular media platforms including Instagram and Youtube.
Ironically enough, one of Adore Me’s secret weapons is the recruitment of a former designer at Victoria’s Secret, Helen Mears.
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