Adorable Little Girl Walks Up to K-Pop Record Label, Asks to Meet BIGBANG

A 4-year-old girl named Alice bravely walked up to a YG Entertainment building with hopes of meeting one of K-pop’s most famous groups, BIGBANG.

In a video that caught the attention of many online users, one of BIGBANG’s youngest fans went up to the YG building hoping she could meet her idols. According to Koreaboo, the child’s auntie posted the video on Instagram and said that her little niece calls the building “BigBang’s House.”

Alice can be seen walking up to the manned door of the establishment and asking if BIGBANG was in the building. She walked back to her mother with a tiny bit of disappointment saying that the group is not there and that she knew it was the K-pop idols’ day off.

Many online users were amused of Alice’s fangirling moment and hoped that BIGBANG would meet their little fan one day.

Meanwhile other netizens were also impressed at how the young girl managed to get so close to the building.

“I got shouted just by standing outside the gate taking photos,” one said. “She can get so near even until the security is already a miracle.”

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