Adorable Cat Clothing Turns Any Feline Into a Japanese Schoolgirl

Adorable Cat Clothing Turns Any Feline Into a Japanese SchoolgirlAdorable Cat Clothing Turns Any Feline Into a Japanese Schoolgirl
Cat clothing comes in a variety of adorable-looking designs from collars, holiday costumes, and now sailor schoolgirl outfits.
For cat owners who simply can’t get enough of the ever popular Japanese schoolgirl sailor outfit, designer Mam has come up with the perfect feline apparel.
While some cats might find certain costumes to be cumbersome to wear, Mam’s sailor school uniform collar is anything but uncomfortable. Mam’s designer collar fits so snugly around a cat’s neck that they wouldn’t even notice it’s there.
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Mam’s kitty collar has a subtle exterior, yet it captures the essence of a sailor schoolgirl uniform, from its navy blue garment to its red handkerchief wraparound. It’s no surprise that Mam’s collar is already garnering the interest of cat owners who are pretty much sold on the idea of a sailor school cat.
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Netizens have now rushed to the designer’s Twitter page to ask how much the adorable cat clothing would cost them. Unfortunately for interested buyers, Mam’s sailor cat collar is still in “testing stages” and is currently not available for purchase, according to SoraNews24.
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Given the amount of positive feedback that the collar’s designer is receiving, it won’t be long before this cute sailor cat clothing finds its way into Mam’s market. In the meantime, cat owners can browse through the various designer collars that Mam has to offer.
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The sailor cat collar is also perfect for making adorable scenes, such as cats eating sushi, even more charming.
Of course, if cat owners can dress their feline friends as sailor schoolgirls, it’s only right that dog owners dress their canine buddies with traditional Japanese garments as well.
Fortunately, dog lovers can recreate historic Japan by dressing their dogs as badass samurai warriors. Japanese retailer Samurai Age is selling samurai armor tailored specifically for dogs, so fans of feudal Japan can now dress their canines accordingly.
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