Does Adding Mayo Upgrade Cheap Tuna Sashimi to Toro? We Put it to the Test!

Tuna sashimi is one of the most popular dishes offered at sushi restaurants. However, like beef, tuna comes in different cuts and have various price ranges.
However, not everyone can afford splurging on high quality sushi all the time. That’s why when our friends over at RocketNews24 tested a rumor that adding mayonnaise to regular tuna turns it into toro and found success, we had to try it too!
We started by buying the cheapest cut of sashimi-grade tuna we could find at a local Japanese supermarket.
We then sliced it into pieces with our superb (no, not really) knife cutting skills.
After that, we put the sliced tuna into a mixing bowl and added a small amount of tuna and mayonnaise.
We prefer using Japanese-style mayonnaise since we think the texture and flavor would be better for this particular dish.
Make sure to not add too much mayo, you only need to add enough to lightly coat each piece. After that, we covered it with plastic wrap and threw it in the fridge for about three hours. Here was the result.
Compare before and after.
After that came the taste test. The verdict? SUCCESS! The tuna marinated with mayonnaise was much for flavorful, creamy, and tender. While not perfect, the taste and texture definitely resembled toro. The only person on our staff who believed there was no difference was our managing editor Waylae Gregoire, our staff food snob.
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