Acid Attack Victim Finds True Love After Dialing the Wrong Number

An Indian acid attack victim found her true love through accidentally dialing the wrong number.

The woman, named Lalita Ben Bansi, has undergone 17 surgeries since she was attacked five years ago by a family member who splashed acid on her face.

According to The Hindu (via BBC), Bansi had an argument with a cousin who ended up throwing acid on her face, causing burns that deformed her face beyond recognition.

Now, she is happily married to a man she met and fell in love with through what she felt was a “miracle” phone call.

Bansi accidentally dialed the number of her would-be husband Ravi Shankar, a CCTV operator and entrepreneur, several months ago.

“Ms. Bansi had accidentally dialed my number about three months ago. I called her back after 15 days,” Shankar was quoted as saying.

“We spoke and I fell in love with her voice. Our conversations continued on a daily basis and in the process, I proposed to her.”

Their love story gained media attention when, a number of Bollywood celebrities were among their guests at their wedding, including Bollywood actor and social activist Vivek Oberoi, who pledged to pay for Bansi’s future surgeries.

Shankar, who owns a petrol pump in Ranchi, further explained how Bansi captured his heart.

“Many couples fall in love with their partners’ face and eventually get divorced,” Shankar shared. “With her, I am not concerned about her face. She is a sweet person. I wish God blessed us for a lifetime.”

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