Japanese Man Attacked With Acid in Paris, Sparks Warning to Japanese Community

acid attack

Japanese nationals in Paris are on edge after receiving an email about a Japanese citizen who was attacked with acid

What happened: On Feb. 10, three assailants approached a group of Japanese citizens in the 17th arrondissement of Paris, Le Figaro reports.

  • One of the attackers attempted to injure a member of the group with a bottle of acid, but the victim shielded his face with his hands just in time.
  • The victim suffered from a burn injury while the other members of his group remained unharmed.
  • According to a doctor who inspected the victim’s damaged palm, hydrochloric acid was most likely used during the attack.

Aftermath of the attack: The Japanese embassy in Paris emailed Japanese nationals in the city to warn them about the incident.

  • The email’s contents have been shared on social media websites such as Twitter, raising awareness of the assault.
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan also addressed the attack in a note on its official website.
  • Despite his injuries, the victim has decided not to push through with court proceedings.
  • An official representative from the Japanese embassy told Le Figaro that “the victim’s family went to the police station to file a complaint, but the latter could not be filed in the absence of the person concerned.”

Feature Image via JohnMenick

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