Chinese business owner fatally stabbed by employee in Dominican Republic

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Surveillance footage shows Change Zongxin kicking Franyelis Maria Furcal before the fatal stabbing.
  • A Chinese business owner living in the Dominican Republic was fatally stabbed by an employee last Thursday.
  • Surveillance footage of the incident shows Change Zongxin kicking Franyelis María Furcal after throwing an unidentified object at her.
  • Furcal can be seen stabbing Change in the stomach with a knife, which some contend was an act of self-defense.
  • The employee remains at large as of this writing.

A Chinese business owner based in the Dominican Republic was stabbed to death by an employee last week, according to local media.

The incident, which was captured by CCTV, reportedly occurred at Z&C Hardware Store in the city of Santo Domingo at around 6 p.m. on Thursday.

Surveillance footage shows store owner Change Zongxin and employee Franyelis María Furcal engaged in an altercation before the stabbing occurred. 

Change can be seen kicking Furcal after throwing an unidentified object at her. The employee retaliates by throwing something in return before grabbing a knife and stabbing her boss in the stomach.

Witnesses brought Change to Moscoso Puello Hospital, where he later died from his injury, according to reports.

The incident has sparked discussions about Furcal’s innocence, with some expressing their belief that she acted in self-defense.

“Even when she held the knife, he challenged her. You have to see his aggressive history with her and other employees,” Felix Portes, a Dominican attorney specializing in criminal, constitutional and civil law, wrote on Twitter.

“Everything looks like a legal excuse for provocation or self-defense because she did NOT intend to kill, she sought help,” he continued.

A neighbor of Furcal claimed that she and her colleagues were mistreated at the store: “[Change] assaulted many women who have worked there. He always hits his workers and they delete the [security] video.”

Furcal remains at large as of this writing. Her father was questioned by the authorities, but he reportedly claimed that he knows nothing of her whereabouts.


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