Woman Hides on Building’s 6th Floor Ledge Claiming to Escape Violent Boyfriend

In a desperate attempt to flee from her allegedly abusive boyfriend, a woman hid out of the sixth floor of a high-rise condominium in eastern China on May 31.

The woman, who has not been identified, was rescued by the fire department in Huai’an, Jiangsu province.


According to Chengdu Business Daily, the woman made the death-defying escape after her boyfriend assaulted her.

However, when she wanted to return inside, she learned that her boyfriend had locked the window.

The breathtaking rescue, which was caught on video, shows the woman straddling along the ledge of the building.

Attached on her waist is a green rope, which the rescue team uses to pull her up to the seventh floor.

However, the plan appears to change as a firefighter signals to get her down on the fifth floor instead.

Eventually, the woman descends and steps a foot toward the firefighter, who catches her ankle before securing her body with both hands.

It is unclear why the couple fought in the first place and whether her boyfriend has actually been abusive.

The rescue video, which has gone viral on social media, drew mixed reactions from viewers:

“This is too dangerous.”

“What he did is practically murder.”

“What?! This kind of man actually has a girlfriend?!”

“This man is unbelievable. First he beat her, then he locked her out … of the sixth floor.”

“This case should be treated as murder. The girl could have fallen and died because he locked the window.”

Police are reportedly investigating the matter.

Images (Screenshots) via Weibo / 中国消防

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