9 Gifts For Your Favorite Asian Baby Girl (ABG)

9 Gifts For Your Favorite Asian Baby Girl (ABG)
Editorial Staff
December 6, 2019
It’s the holiday season and you want to find just the perfect gift for the special Asian baby girl in your life!

1. Baby Yoda Plush

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LOVE THEM, YOU MUST! 😭 This Baby Yoda plush is now available for pre-order.

2. Lash Gift Set

Lots of love = lots of lashes! Preferably a voluminous set for every occasion. Tip: Look for faux mink lashes with a thin band for extra comfort.

3. Illenium Tickets

They say spending money on activities and experiences is more gratifying than material things. Treat your Rave Bae!

4. Boba Carrier 

Image via Boba Buddies
Don’t cry over spilled boba because stylish boba carrier sleeves are hitting the shelves. Get this adorable boba buddies sleeve for your special buddy!

5. Teddy Coat

Give the gift of warmth and coziness! Teddy coats are beary cute and on-trend. 🐻 The cuddlier, the better.

6. Eyeliner + Mascara

‘Cause she is always on point! Save more and get more by investing in Glossier’s “Eye Trio” set which includes eyeliner, mascara, and milky oil makeup remover.

7. Hello Kitty x Impressions LED Makeup Mirror 

This new collab between everyone’s favorite kawaii Sanrio cat and Impressions Vanity Co. is an absolutely gorgeous collection of LED mirrors. This would complete anyone’s getting-ready-routine and make this holiday a Lit-mas!!! Available on Amazon.

8. Olaplex

Olaplex is an absolute lifesaver for hair. They make products that strengthen and repair all hair types. It personally saved my hair after I bleached it! Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3 is a great gift.

9. Heated Slippers

Our paws get cold in the winter. And you know we take our shoes off in the house. 😊 These slippers from Smoko are shaped like corgis and dim sum!
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Feature Image via @doe.bby (left), LeendaDProductions (center), and Walmart (right)
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