Indian Man Smashes 124 Coconuts With His Bare Hands in Under a Minute

Indian Man Smashes 124 Coconuts With His Bare Hands in Under a Minute
King Malleta
February 23, 2017
A man from India has been hailed as the “Coconut King” after smashing 124 coconuts in less than a minute.
Abeesh Dominic, a 25-year-old native from Poonjar, India, could potentially make his way to the Guinness World Records after his latest feat. Video footage of Abeesh shattering coconuts was recorded and sent to Guinness World Records and the organization is expected to formally announce their decision in about 6 months.
The show was held at Sobha City in Thrissur where Abeesh displayed his fantastic skill, according to Manorama Online. He was able to split 145 coconuts in total just under a minute, but judges only counted 124 coconuts that were “fully crushed.”
The title was formerly held by Muhamed Kahrimanovic from Germany who was able to make a record of 118 smashed coconuts in one minute.
Abeesh is no stranger to making world records. In fact, he’s already completed a number of dangerous stunts. He’s been recognized by the Universal Record Forum, Assist World Record, American Setter Record, and Limca Book of Records.
Apart from his recent coconut exhibition, he also pulled jaw-dropping demonstrations by breaking hockey sticks and helmets and pulling buses using only his teeth.
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