Man Taken From His Parents as a Baby Reunites 31 Years Later

Man Taken From His Parents as a Baby Reunites 31 Years Later
Ryan General
October 9, 2020
A 32-year-old man who was abducted as a toddler was recently reunited with his parents in China.
Taken away: The son, who now goes by the surname Shen, was separated from his parents 31 years ago after a houseguest took him away, MailOnline reports.
  • In October 1989, Mrs. Jiang and Mr. Lei welcomed a stranger as a guest in their home at a remote village in Guizhou Province.
  • Claiming to be a traveler from another province, the stranger offered the couple some money so he could live with them for a week.
  • During his stay, the guest found an opportunity to snatch the couple’s 1-year-old son, Shuwen, while they were out and fled. 
  • Shortly after discovering their son was gone, the couple and other relatives searched across the province for days, but they failed to find him.
  • Even the local authorities could not find leads at the time as there wasn’t any sufficient information about the traveler.
  • Three decades later, Shuwen would emerge as a 32-year-old restaurant owner named Shen, when he went to a police station to have his ID updated. 
  • As part of the procedure for issuing a new ID, Shen had his blood sample taken by officers.
  • When his DNA was checked with the national database, it was discovered that he was the toddler who was reported abducted in 1989.
Tearful reunion: Mrs. Jiang and Mr. Lei reunited with Shen during an emotional ceremony held by Xuzhou police in Jiangsu on Sept. 29.
  • Shen, who is now living with his wife and two sons, says he had no idea about what happened to him as a child.
  • According to Shen, he grew up with his adoptive parents who treated him well.
  • The reunited family can be seen in the video of the event sobbing uncontrollably as they hugged each other.
  • Shen promised to look after his birth parents and shared that he plans to bring his wife and children to visit them often.
NextShark reported on a similar story last month, in which a man kidnapped as a baby was reunited with his parents after 38 years. Similarly, authorities found him after his DNA was matched with the national database.
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