ABC Thinks K-Pop Group BLACKPINK is ‘Singing In Japanese’ and I’m Screaming


South Korean girl group BLACKPINK performed on ABC’s Good Morning America, and the video, which has amassed half a million views on YouTube in a day, features an embarrassing error on the part of the closed captioning department.

It’s not uncommon for English subtitles to feature language identifiers without translating the language spoken. But throughout BLACKPINK’s performance of their song “Ddu-du Ddu-du” the video’s closed captioning continuously displays text reading “[SINGING IN JAPANESE]” even though the group is very obviously from South Korea.

The error was made in spite of the video’s description identifying BLACKPINK as a “K-pop sensation.”

Naturally, K-pop fans made the egregious error known:

For the record, BLACKPINK, a Korean pop music band, is talented enough to sing in Japanese, but for this instance, they were singing in Korean.

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