ABC News Anchor Dragged by Fans for Disrespecting BTS Speaking at the U.N.

The BTS ARMY is calling out ABC’s “World News Now” anchor Kendis Gibson for blatantly disrespecting the K-pop group’s historic speech at the recent United Nations General Assembly.


Gibson went on to belittle BTS during a television news broadcast on Tuesday by saying that “fans are used to seeing the boys spreading their legs” on stage and in their music videos.


The 40-year-old news anchor went as far as calling the group’s historic speech for their “Love Myself” campaign “poetic” in a sarcastic tone. He also referred to BTS as a “bunch of boy bands from Korea” not just once but twice.

Before closing the program, Gibson dropped a senseless comment right after he shook his head and said, “they’ve got choreographed dance moves.”

The remarks did not sit well with the fans, with many taking to Twitter to call out the network, ask to give Gibson a review and address the issue.

Some urged fans to submit complaints directly to ABC regarding Gibson’s comments.

Here’s what other people are saying on Twitter:

Featured Image via Twitter / kendisgibson (Left), YouTube / ABC News (Right)

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