Taiwanese Star Outed By Angry Boyfriend After He Cheated With 3 Men at the Same Time

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Taiwanese star Aaron Yan is currently under fire after being dragged out of the closet and accused of dating three men all at the same time.

The allegation comes from a certain “Mr. A,” who claims to be one of the 32-year-old actor’s boyfriends, ET Today reports.


In a shocking exposé, Mr. A revealed photos and text messages showing Yan’s alleged three-timing, sparking a huge buzz online.

According to Shanghaiist, Mr. A claimed that Yan had a standard dating method, pursuing his similar-looking interests on social media before winning them over with sweet words and songs in the bedroom.

Aaron Yan. Image via Instagram / @aayan1120

According to Mr. A, Yan initially appeared as the perfect boyfriend, taking him to gatherings with celebrity friends and even paying for his rent and plane ticket so they could travel together.

“I want you as my other half, my boyfriend, my good friend, my lover. I look forward to a future where we can also be family,” he recalled Yan saying.

However, things started to go south two years into their relationship, with Yan becoming more distant. His whereabouts also became mysterious, prompting Mr. A to investigate on his own.

Mr. A eventually learned that there was also a Mr. B and a Mr. C. He then took matters into his own hands, exposing the “evidence” he had gathered to local media.

In the wake of the controversy, Yan apologized for not handling his private life well. He did so without directly addressing the cheating allegation.

“I am very sorry for not handling my private affairs well. It is unfortunate it had to be revealed this way. I truly treat each person wholeheartedly, but I am a normal person,” Yan said, according to 38jiejie. “I also have a lot of weaknesses and the feelings that normal people have. Relationships will always have its ups and downs. If you don’t handle it well, there will be a lot to learn from. I don’t want to be suspicious and guarded when I am getting to know a person. I have revealed my most vulnerable self to the spotlight.”

Yan, who first rose to popularity as a member of boy band Fahrenheit, apologized to his family, friends, fans and label HIM Music for the whole drama.

“I once gave my true feelings to someone, but when it ended, I didn’t handle it well causing the situation to turn into what it has become today; this I didn’t expect. I apologize to those I have caused pain. I will learn from this and become a better person.”

Image via Instagram / @aayan1120

Many social media users took issue not with Yan being gay, but with him dating three men simultaneously. Yan’s label has since denied the allegation and vowed to deal with the situation through their lawyer.

Twitter users chimed in:

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