Aaron Kwok Once Promised Everyone in Hong Kong Red Envelopes If He Ever Got Married — The Time Has Come

Hong Kongers are waiting for superstar Aaron Kwok to keep his promise.

via Instagram/aaronkwokxx

Kwok, AKA one of the four “Heavenly Kings” of Honk Kong entertainment, made a generous promise to all Hong Kong citizens almost two and a half decades ago.

According to Sin Chew Daily (via Asia One), the 52-year-old actor made the public pledge in 1994 that everyone in the region would receive “red envelopes” from him right after he got married.

He reportedly made that statement in front of rolling cameras during a movie promotion.

Since Kwok married 30-year-old Chinese actress-model Moka Fang in April 2017, netizens have been trying to remind him about the promise.

The couple also welcomed a baby daughter later in September.

Still, many are wondering if Kwok will eventually make it rain hongbao.

Or will he do a Michael Scott?

Scott’s Tots” episode from The Office

While many have made comments that Kwok should fulfill his 24-year-old promise, some pointed out that the actor may have probably forgotten about it.

If he does eventually remember and decide to actually go through with it, he would need a massive number of red envelopes since Hong Kong’s population is now over seven million. 

Feature Image via Instagram / aaronkwokxx

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