AAPI celebrities featured in People’s 2022 Sexiest Man Alive issue

AAPI celebrities featured in People’s 2022 Sexiest Man Alive issueAAPI celebrities featured in People’s 2022 Sexiest Man Alive issue
Khier Casino
November 9, 2022
People magazine released a sneak peek at some of the celebrities featured in this year’s Sexiest Man Alive issue, and Asian American and Pacific Islander stars have proven they deserve to be on the list.
AAPI male celebrities who made the cut include Ke Huy Quan and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who won the title of sexiest man in 2016.
Quan, 51, made his triumphant return to acting after two decades in the 2022 Daniels-directed multiverse film “Everything Everywhere All at Once.” 
“For many, many years people recognized me only as a child [actor] because that was pretty much the last time they saw me up on the screen,” Quan told the magazine. “I’m hoping when people see me now they go, ‘Oh my God! You’re Waymond from ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ — and you were also in ‘Indiana Jones’ [and] ‘oonies!’'”
Filipino American stand-up comedian Jo Koy, 51, is also featured in People’s list. He last appeared in the semi-autobiographical film “Easter Sunday,” which follows a fictionalized version of Koy as he returns to the Bay Area with his son to celebrate Easter with his family.
“Coming up as a kid, we didn’t have anything like this to get inspired by. When I was watching movies, you had to wait for the credits to find out if anyone was Filipino,” Koy previously told Entertainment Weekly. “When I saw Dante Basco in ‘Hook,’ going through the credits, I’m like, ‘Oh, he’s definitely Filipino.’ But that was our way of being inspired indirectly when I was a kid. And now I have that opportunity to provide this inspiration and this opening.”
“Black Adam” star Dwayne Johnson, 50, made it on the list once again after being featured on the cover of the 2016 issue.
Other AAPI leading men to make the list includes Keanu Reeves, who was retroactively awarded the honor of sexiest man after People never picked a Sexiest Man Alive in 1994.
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