A Woman Live-Tweeted a Very Sexist Conversation She Overheard Between Two IBM Executives

Is it me or do all corporate execs, just naturally hate anything that can get pregnant?

Toronto-based editor Lyndsay Kirkham overheard a conversation between two IBM execs during their work-lunch openly discussing why they don’t hire women- so she decided to live-tweet it, starting yet another online conversation over equality in the corporate workplace. And if the exec’s reasoning for why they hate hiring women wasn’t bad enough, apparently an older female executive joined in mid-way.

Check out the tweets here:

The problem here isn’t that women “have to” get pregnant, it’s the whole corporate culture in general. They tend not to value workers for anything other than output, especially the workers towards the bottom of the pyramid, men and women alike. When a company only concentrates on upward financial trends and squeezing every bit of efficiency and soul from the cubicles in their office buildings, some things get lost, like the fact that people have lives, families, and that women need to have babies if we want the human race to survive.

Because we can’t all work in the loving embrace of free food and personal well being at Google, there is only one answer: become an entrepreneur, grow your own startup, and break the cycle of corporate misogyny.

Source: Mic
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