A New Dating Service Now Matches You By Markers in Your DNA

The future is now, or at least we have finally evolved beyond dating via Tinder swipes.

New dating service Singld Out, with the help of Instant Chemistry, now matches their clients based on their immune systems, HLA (Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) systems, and seretonin transporters.



“We are the first in the online dating industry to bridge the gap between the digital and biological world of Love.”

The idea behind the method is that couples with different immune systems tend to work well together. The HLA system helps our brain identify differences by producing a unique scent for each person. According to Mic, Singld Out claims the serotonin transporter gene predicts marital satisfaction by moderating changes in positive and negative emotional behavior. All these markers scientifically point to inevitable true love.

Would you sign up for Singld Out? Even more, do you think this takes the fun and risque out of dating and discovering that special someone?

Featured image via Flickr, by Tela Chhe

Source: Mic
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