A Japanese Company Built Something All Introverted Nerds Would Love

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Thanks to a Japanese company, you can now buy your own privacy cube to shield yourself from the outside world and other humans.

It’s called the Kakureya II, and it’s a capsule that slides into place, forming your own box-fortress of solitude. 

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The Kakureya II is priced at 398,000 Yen ($3,373 US) and is sold online at Cozy Room.

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Inside, you have a reclining seat, but it only goes back 18 degrees, so it keeps your spine pretty straight. They must have anticipated that users would probably inside for stay long periods of time.  

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Inside, you can put all the high-tech equipment that can fit inside — computers, screens, and there’s even room for food. 

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This kid is obviously deficient in fort-building creativity, but we imagine ours to look like the inside of Iron Man’s helmet.

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Can you imagine the things you would keep in there? Probably not Gundam robots though …

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A thought just occurred — this would make an awesome personal hot-box.

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There’s enough room to mount a 32-inch screen and there is plenty of room for more of your “Wild Turkey” whiskey. 

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Can you imagine how long you could stay in there without coming out? This box is just asking to be innovated.

Source: RocketNews24
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