A 29-Year-Old Man Who Refused Free Business School Now Makes Over $8 Million a Year Selling Sheep

Lu Yanzhe, out of Liaoning, China, was like any other academically smart student who excelled in school. He not only graduated from one of China’s most elite universities, but was also offered a full-ride scholarship to a business school in the U.S.

Instead of taking the deal, something most students dream of, he opted to get into sheep farming instead, starting a company with two partners.

Because of the rarity and demand for his sheep, he ended up getting a lot of attention in the high-end lamb market.

How successful is Lu, you ask? According to NetEase, his company’s sales now exceed 50 million yuan (roughly $8 million) per year.

Lu’s company has also been offered financial help from the local city government.

The 29-year-old entrepreneur says that he cares most about his family, especially because he works so far from home.

h/t: Shanghaiist

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