Most Young Asian Americans Are Not That Concerned With Racism, Survey Reveals

Most Young Asian Americans Are Not That Concerned With Racism, Survey Reveals
Kyle Encina
By Kyle Encina
August 15, 2017
A recent survey shows that Asian American millennials share similar views with Caucasians in regards to racism, since both groups don’t see it as a top concern.
GenForward released a poll which asks millennials what they believe is the most pressing issues of today.
While there are still recent accounts of racism being shared by Asian Americans, it seems that not all millennials feel the same way. Only 15% of Asian American millennials feel that racism is part of the top three issues that’s affecting the country, according to AsAmNews.
Surprisingly, Asian Americans see the issue closely similar to Caucasians whose votes amounted to a close 14%. However, both groups see racism differently compared to Hispanics and African-American millennials who see racism as a top issue, garnering 27% and 35% of total votes, respectively.
Asian Americans see health care, education and climate change as today’s primary concerns. Caucasian millennials share the same sentiments as Asian Americans, but place terrorism in lieu of climate change.
African-American millennials on the other hand, also see health care as a major concern along with racism and police brutality. Hispanic millennials are more in tune with African-Americans in terms of racism and health care, but they placed more emphasis on immigration as an issue.
A research by Media Insight Project revealed that 85% of millennials give importance to issues in the news and current events, according to The Washington Post.
Concerns about health care as well as various cases of racism and police brutality have constantly been making recent headlines. The proliferation of such news help millennials in determining what truly are the main issues that still persist in the country today.
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