The World’s Oldest Working AV Star is a Japanese Man

Curious ones, take note: Japan’s Shigeo Tokuda, believed to be the world’s oldest porn star, revealed his secret to an unceasing sex drive that keeps co-actors and fans amazed.

Tokuda began his career in the adult film industry at the age of 70 when he starred in a series of movies titled “Elderly” in 2004.

Now, the 82-year-old Tokyo native continues to do porn and attributes his stamina to a rather bizarre diet. He shared via The Sun:

“People are always asking me about my perseverance, but I don’t do anything special. That said, I do try to lead a proper lifestyle every day.”

“If we’re talking about things that give you stamina, I eat eggs every day. I love rice topped with raw egg.”

Tokuda starred in around 60 movies every year after his debut. He’s reportedly slowed down at present, but shared that his career makes him feel young, nevertheless. He used to be a salaryman in the electronics and travel industries.

The AV veteran speculated that the reason behind paling libido is simply inattentiveness:

“I think it’s because you start to pay less attention to things, and I don’t mean just about women. There’s a bit of time to talk before shooting, so that’s when I’d tell an actress what part of her body I think is beautiful.

“Who’s gonna hate being told that? And besides, it’s the best way to build communication. Having that desire to observe her plays into being interested in her, which in turn leads to thoughts about her body and what sex would be like with her.”

On top of Tokuda’s belief that gender and age are “irrelevant,” long-time fans would remember him as advocating adultery — but only for health reasons. He said in an earlier interview (via the Tokyo Reporter):

“For the elderly, adultery is necessary. This would be a first step in maintaining an active sex life until one reaches middle age and beyond.”

Tokuda, born in 1934, first set his eyes on porn while on a business trip. He then started researching the industry before coming in contact with director Henry Tsukamoto, who encouraged him to it.

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