99 Ranch or Ranch 99? Store’s Chairman Settles Debate Once and For All

99 ranch

The chairman of a supermarket chain popular among Asians in the United States has finally put an end to the debate on whether the store’s name is “99 Ranch” or “Ranch 99.”

While officially known as “99 Ranch Market,” the Taiwanese American business has people debating on its name as some of its signs sometimes place the number “99” above or between the words “Ranch” and “Market.”


At the grand opening of the chain‘s latest brand called Cravings by 99 Ranch Market, company chairman Jonson Chen addressed the long-standing debate when Instagram user @merrychrisma asked him about it on camera.

“It has always been called 99 Ranch,” Chen said.

Chen’s response elicited an excited reaction from the interviewer.

While the statement absolutely solidifies the position of Team 99 Ranch, it is unclear whether Team Ranch 99 will change its stance anytime soon.

Since their main argument is that the name “Ranch 99” has become the popular choice as it “rolls off the tongue more easily,” it is safe to say that they’ll keep calling it as they please, regardless of what the chairman says.

Due to its wide selection of products from China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam and other Asian countries, 99 Ranch Market (or Ranch 99 to those remaining to be stubborn) has become the go-to shopping center for many Asians and Asian Americans in the U.S.

Its founder, Taiwanese-born American Roger Chen, opened 99 Ranch’s first location in a Vietnamese American community in Westminster, California called Little Saigon in 1984.

It has since expanded to over 40 outlets across the U.S., including Nevada, New Jersey, Oregon, Texas and Washington.

Featured image via (right) Instagram/99ranchmarket (left) Twitter/Angry Asian Man

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