970 Pounds of Sumo Wrestlers Jiggle After Colliding in Super Slow-Mo


Do you ever find yourself wondering what happens to sumo wrestlers’ bodies when they collide during matches? Well, wonder no more — the popular YouTubers The Slow Mo Guys just posted a new video showing two sumo wrestlers going at each other in super slow-motion.


The two wrestlers that are featured in the YouTube video published on February 5 are Yama, 600 pounds (272.15 kilograms), known as the heaviest Japanese man in history who also appeared as one of the assassins in “John Wick: Chapter 2”, and Byamba, 370 pounds (167.82 kilograms), a four-time World Sumo Champion that once appeared in an episode of “The Bachelorette”.


Before we get into the action, it’s worth noting that this is not the same as what people see in WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). There are no high-flying stunts or even head smashing with steel chairs and body flipping to tables in this kind of sport. Fun fact: the WWE wrestler Rikishi’s name is actually the Japanese word or term for professional sumo wrestler.

In the video, the two wrestlers are asked to do what they usually do when they are in a competition or, in this case, in the ring. It involves bodies being thrown around, palm slapping, hand swatting and others.


Just watch how they send shockwaves that ripples through each others’ flesh and skin as they come in contact. Also, take close attention to the part where Byamba slaps Yama’s chest continuously – that part is gold.

As added entertainment, one of the show’s two hosts, Dan, tried to spar with Byamba. And of course, the ending is quite predictable.

[H/T: Sploid.Gizmodo]

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