92-Year-Old Granny Spends Years Locked in a Pigpen by Son and Daughter-In-Law

Filial Piety is a long-recognized and significant virtue practiced by many Chinese families where it is one’s duty to respect, obey, and care for parents and elderly relatives. Sadly, one incident clearly shows filial piety was disregarded.

Shanghaiist reported a heartbreaking story of a 92-year-old woman from China who was found living inside a dreadful pigpen.

Video footage showed the frail woman in the enclosure with only a wooden board and a quilt that serves as her bed.


In China, a pig pen is apparently where unwanted family members are kept. It sounds harsh, but disappointingly, this was not the first recorded case of a person in China who was rescued from a pen.

The old grandma, known by her surname Yang, was rescued by authorities and taken to the hospital to get proper medical attention. Although police are still conducting their investigation, it was believed that Yang’s son and daughter-in-law were the ones who forced her to live in the pigpen.

Fortunately for the 92-year-old, the video footage of her inside the pen received enough attention to alarm authorities eventually leading to her rescue.

However, this was not the case for another 90-year-old grandma in Henan who died before she was found. The poor old woman was locked for a month and starved to death by her children.

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