9-Year-Old Chinese Girl Sells Vegetables on the Street for the Most Heartbreaking Reason

A nine-year-old Chinese girl has been selling vegetables on the street for the most heart-melting reason you could imagine.

Mao Mao’s story is all over Chinese social media with many who want to see her reach her goal — to find for her lost parents.

Mao Mao is so motivated that she’s been selling vegetables at Lianhu market in Tangxia Town in Dongguan,China since she was four, according to GB Times.

It’s an everyday business for young Mao Mao, who hopes to get a glimpse of her parents through a sign she displayed next to her vegetables.

The sign said her parents left her at the door of an older neighbor when she was just a sickly one-month-old baby. The rest of her note was a sad plea (via QQ):

“But I am quite healthy now, mum and dad, can you take me home?”

After few days, her parents called and promised the neighbor that they would return shortly. But after two days, their hometown of Wenchuan was struck by an earthquake that took the lives of about 70,000 people.

Unfortunately, Mao Mao’s parents never returned. Raising her as a sickly infant did not come as a breeze for the old woman, who had to borrow money from other neighbors so she could live.

Four officials who have heard of her story promised to help look for her parents as much as they can. Unfortunately, Mao Mao’s search continues, but we wish her the best.

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