9-Year-Old Boy Who Weighs 370 lbs Finds Relief Through Surgery

9-Year-Old Boy Who Weighs 370 lbs Finds Relief Through Surgery9-Year-Old Boy Who Weighs 370 lbs Finds Relief Through Surgery
Ryan General
December 12, 2016
A young Chinese boy, who has been diagnosed with the genetic disorder called Prader-Willi Syndrome, has been gaining weight throughout his childhood.
From weighing 167 kgs (368 lbs) earlier this year, his weight has dropped to just 143 kgs (315 lbs), reported China Daily (via Asia News Network).
Born at just 2.7 kgs (6 lbs), Li’s mother previously thought he was a malnourished baby. At three years old, he was observed to have developed an insatiable appetite and by age four, he was already weighing 43 kgs (95 lbs). While his mental development remained stagnant, his weight continued to increase as he grew up. Now nine years old, he has also grown to be emotionally unstable with underdeveloped numeracy skills.
The boy’s diet has also caused him to develop several other diseases, including high blood pressure, a fatty liver, and hyperuricemia, according to the Daily Mail. For such conditions, his parents use Chinese medicine, which involves fire treatment, cupping therapy and acupuncture.
Li’s disorder, which causes an abnormality with chromosome No. 15, reportedly appears once in every 15,000 births. While the disease is incurable, specialists say detecting it early can help a patient live a more comfortable life.
Li has been subjected to a variety of weight loss treatments, but none seem to be effective. This year, in a desperate attempt, Li underwent partial gastrectomy, the surgical operation where a portion of his stomach is removed. It’s lasting effect on him still remains to be seen.
Despite his condition, Li remains positive and is determined to continue losing weight after losing 16 kg (35 lbs) in the last two months alone.
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