9 Things That Make Waking Up Early in the Morning Easier

If you’ve been paying attention to your good friends at NextShark, you’ll know that waking up early isn’t just an essential part of being successful, but also of living life to the fullest.
According to Virgin founder Richard Branson:

“Being an early riser isn’t about trumpeting how hard you work. It’s about doing everything within your power to help your business achieve success; and if that means you have to get up at an hour not known to most, then you might as well enjoy the sunrise.”

In order to help make waking up early easier, Business Insider UK has created the infographic below illustrating nine useful tips to consider.
And if you have trouble falling asleep at bedtime, try this one-minute breathing technique that is supposed to slow your heart rate and relax your mind.
Get up early and make the day your bitch!
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