88Rising Collabs With McDonald’s for ‘Golden Start’ Celebration For Lunar New Year

88Rising Collabs With McDonald’s for ‘Golden Start’ Celebration For Lunar New Year
Ryan General
February 5, 2021
Fast-food giant McDonald’s and Asian artist collective 88rising have teamed up for
“The Golden Start experience” joint project highlights the important holiday with a collection of three digital moments whi­­­le “remixing holiday traditions,” according to the official release.
As part of the “Golden Start,” hip-hop artist Masiwe will hold a virtual concert on Feb. 12, signaling the first day of Lunar New Year. 
Masiwei, a member of the Chinese hip-hop group Higher Brothers, expressed his excitement over the event.
“As one of my favorite holidays, I always look forward to the new year, and I’m sure this one will be even more memorable for me and my fans,” Masiwei was quoted as saying.
The concert can be accessed from 7 p.m.-9 p.m. local time in the continental U.S. exclusively on the McDonald’s App. Masiwei is set to perform songs from his upcoming solo album, “Dark Horse,” for the first time.
On Feb. 8, the celebration continues with an online mini-series featuring Korean-American hip-hop artist and actor Dumbfoundead.
The special will be broadcast on IGTV and feature Dumbfoundead sharing his holiday traditions along with some special guests.
In the spirit of the holiday, McDonald’s and 88rising also created 888 limited edition red envelopes as another treat for fans.
Starting on Feb. 8, red envelopes will be available with any purchase on the 88rising Night Market online store.
Each red envelope will contain two $8 McDonald’s Arch Cards, so one can have an extra for sharing.
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