85-Year-Old Japanese Grandma Mesmerizes Internet With Her Jaw-Dropping Piano Skills

85-Year-Old Japanese Grandma Mesmerizes Internet With Her Jaw-Dropping Piano Skills85-Year-Old Japanese Grandma Mesmerizes Internet With Her Jaw-Dropping Piano Skills
Her arms may look delicate and weathered at age 85, but this Japanese grandmother’s piano skills remain a sight to behold and a marvel to listen to.
The talented, unnamed pianist caught the attention of social media users after her graceful YouTube performance went viral on Twitter.
First uploaded by YouTube user kimurama1 in August, the video of the bespectacled piano performer was recently shared by Twitter user hokuro.
The video has since generated over half a million views on YouTube and 2.3 million on Twitter.
In the clip, the frail-looking granny exudes pure energy and skill as she performs a complex piece from Franz Schubert, “Impromptu Opus 90 No. 4”.
With a 10-page score and keys that get switched twice, the twist-filled piece, which exceeds eight minutes, is notoriously difficult to master even for the swiftest of hands.
However, this granny effortlessly breezes through the song with admirable grace and precision. Her movements reveal her joy in her performance, as if anticipating each highlight of the piece.
She even looks away at the music sheet from time to time while taking the moment in to deliver a fluid performance. She finally finishes her act with a bow and a big smile, appearing to struggle a bit as she stood.
According to SoraNews24, the brilliant piece was performed at a birthday party, although no further details were made known in the social media posts.  
Despite the limited information, the granny’s performance has earned admiration and praise from netizens.
“She has excellent movement and expression of the notes. What a wonderful performer! I want to send her a ‘Bravo!’” once commenter noted.
“She’s not just good, she’s got an ear for musical expression that must have been developed over decades of experience,” another one wrote.
“I want to be like this lady when I’m old! If I can only continue playing the piano until my last days, I’ll be happy,” said another.
“It’s wonderful just watching her play, even without sound. Just looking at the pauses, the fingers, and the wrists, you can tell she’s not an ordinary pianist,” praises one netizen.
The mysterious pianist may indeed be a professional performer with years of experience behind her or a hobbyist who only began playing late in her life — whatever the case may be, the fact remains she is one talented granny who deserves all the love she’s getting online.
Images via YouTube / kimurama1
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