81-Year-Old Chinese Husband Serenades Wife In a Coma For Their 54th Anniversary

81-Year-Old Chinese Husband Serenades Wife In a Coma For Their 54th Anniversary
Ryan General
By Ryan General
August 15, 2017
With sweets and roses on hand, 81-year-old Zhang Ligen serenaded Cai Guifang, his wife of 54 years who, due to an illness, fell into a coma.
A footage of the romantic gesture has touched the hearts of thousands of netizens after it became widely shared on Chinese social media.  
Zhang said he decided to sing their favorite love song for their wedding anniversary celebration in the hopes of finally waking her up from her coma.
In the short clip, Zhang can be seen holding a bouquet of roses and some sweets, while telling his wife that he wishes for her to get better.
According to the Daily Mail, the heart-rending scene was filmed inside the intensive care unit of a hospital in Urumqi, China, on August 8.
“I brought you 60 sweets today. Our goal is to celebrate our diamond anniversary, okay?” Zhang tells his beloved wife.
After asking permission from the hospital staff if he can quietly sing to his wife, he began serenading her with an old Chinese love song about a groom at a wedding, who lifts the veil of his bride.
A line of the song translated into English states, “Your eyes are bright and shiny like a glimmering star” and “Your face is rosy and full like a rose in bloom.”
Netizens were touched by the husband’s efforts and expressed their support for the couple.
“This is the purest love,” exclaimed one netizen.  
“Their love is invincible. She will be better,” a social media user wrote.
“This is the way of love,” said another commenter.
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