78-Year-Old Grandma Who Specializes in Latin Dancing Becomes a Social Media Star

78-Year-Old Grandma Who Specializes in Latin Dancing Becomes a Social Media Star
Bryan Ke
June 18, 2020
Wang Biyun, a 78-year-old grandma from China, has gone viral on Chinese social media for her amazing dancing skills and taste in fashion.
Biyun joined the Hangzhou Singing and Dancing troupe at the age of 14, according to South China Morning Post. She specializes in ballet and Latin dance.
She became the group’s leader before she retired in 1990. Wang has been a dancer for more than 60 years. The elderly fashion icon later moved to Shenzhen, in Guangdong Province and became a choreographer.
Wang follows a strict routine of stretching every morning, working out, jogging and dancing for at least 1.5 hours.
The social media star, who now has over 15 million followers on Chinese social media platform Douyin, rose to fame after her audition for China’s Got Talent last year. Unfortunately, she only made it through to the second round of the talent competition.
Besides being a superb dancer, Wang can pull off any fashion style and is also always dressed to the nines for any activity, while taking out the trash or going to the grocery store.
“I put on make-up every day,” she said. “I won’t go out without putting any make-up on.”
Wang also tries to keep up with the younger generation as she believes being young is a state of mind. She also likes to learn and try new things.
The dancer helps inspire people and gives her followers life advice such as encouraging them to follow their dreams.
Feature Image Screenshot via South China Morning Post
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