She’s 70-Years-Old and Fulfilling Her Dream of Being a Cosplayer

She’s 70-Years-Old and Fulfilling Her Dream of Being a CosplayerShe’s 70-Years-Old and Fulfilling Her Dream of Being a Cosplayer
Carl Samson
January 19, 2018
Imagine dressing up however you like at 70! Shirley Chua, who hails from Singapore, is living this life.
70-year-old singaporean cosplayer
That’s because she’s a cosplayer, and many think she’s the oldest one around!
Chua, often called Aunty Shirley, got into cosplay through her son Skyy, who immersed himself in the hobby during secondary school. She sewed his costumes, came with him to events and eventually found herself enjoying it.
It was in 2011 when she told her son what her heart desired, “Mama would like to cosplay.”
At first, he told her that it was a “young people activity,” but soon approved and helped her look for age-appropriate characters she could play.
Chua’s world has changed since then. She became the Red Queen in “Alice in Wonderland,” Rita Repulsa from “Power Rangers” and Supergirl, among many others.
Her son helped her to set up a Facebook page, where she has some 6,000 followers and counting!
“I had many jobs when I was younger,” Chua told The Good Guyde.
“I was even a crane driver. When I worked at the iron mill, I could even toss cars about from the fifth floor.”
Today, Chua also swears by an active lifestyle.
“Now, I lift weights. I do deadlifts, squats and even the overhead press,” she said.
But more than her advanced years, what makes Chua unique from the rest of the cosplay world is the wisdom she sees in the activity.
She told Vulcan Post in an earlier interview:
“When I first joined, there were some older cosplayers who wanted to give up but when they saw this aunty cosplaying, I guess they felt more confident.”
“Your costume becomes even more believable when you get into character. Sometimes some of them really take it very seriously!”
cosplayers in singapore
“But I love cosplay because it makes people brave.”
Chua says she’s happy with her life now, and wants to get to know her friends better, too.
“All the children welcome me, which is why I am very happy!”
She leaves a word for everyone:
“Try not to worry and concern yourself with other people’s issues too much. Don’t think too much before you go to sleep. You will feel happier this way.”
We’re happy for you, too, Aunty Shirley! Keep the catwalks coming!
Photos via Facebook / Aunty Shirley
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