Chinese Girl Gets 1.5 Million Followers With Her Incredible Street Magic

street magic

While most kids these days are too busy with their mobile phones, this 7-year-old girl from China has a very different hobby — performing incredible magic tricks for strangers on the street. 


It appears that the girl, whose name was not revealed, is a popular internet celebrity in China. According to South China Morning Post, she has around 1.5 million subscribers on Chinese social media.

In the video, the girl can be seen performing the classic cup and balls magic trick, in which balls (or in this case, eggs) are made to vanish, appear, and reappear while under cups.

The girl performs the trick so well that passersby can be seen gasping in shock and amazement when they see how she appears to make the eggs disappear and reappear under another bowl.

And like any good magician, the girl also asks for participation from her audience when doing her tricks.

With her precocious talent at such a young age — not to mention her fame — it might not be long before she begins to catch the eye of some big names in the magic industry.

Maybe one day she’ll even get a chance to perform alongside “America’s Got Talent: The Champions” winner, magician Shin Lim. Now would’t that be awesome?

Images screenshot via YouTube / South China Morning Post

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