Piano Prodigy Who Plays Beethoven and Mozart Would Make All Asian Parents Proud

Piano Prodigy Who Plays Beethoven and Mozart Would Make All Asian Parents Proud
Ryan General
November 21, 2018
Evan Le is a 7-year-old Vietnamese American piano prodigy who can effortlessly play music by Mozart, J.S. Bach, Beethoven and Alberto Ginastera.
The California-born child prodigy reportedly began playing music as early as age three, not long after his parents purchased a toy piano for his older brother to practice
His innate talent was eventually discovered after Le somehow replicated a tune his older brother played on the piano.
Astonished by his incredible feat, Le’s parents searched for music schools for him, but most schools only accepted students age five and older at the time.
Fortunately, lecturer Tuong Van of Virtuosos Russian Music Academy (VRMA) School of Music in Westminster, California would eventually receive Le after watching him play for just two minutes.
Van, who has been training children since 1996, praised the young pianist, noting that she had never met an “incredible” talent like him.
At age four, having studied piano for only six months, Le joined a talent contest for children of Vietnamese origin aged 6 to 15 years old in the U.S.
Organizers of the V-star Kids contest even lowered the minimum age of candidates to allow the young pianist to participate. As the youngest ever contestant, his third prize victory was an amazing achievement.
According to Le’s mother, Lyco Nguyen, her son has been invited to be a guest on the Ellen Degeneres Show and America’s Got Talent but refused at the time because they believe he was too young for such activities.
Le’s parents eventually allowed the young artist to appear on concerts and television shows such as “The Little Big Shots” to get him accustomed to performing for an audience.
Featured image via Youtube/ Evan Le Official Channel
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