7-Year-Old Hero Saves Neighbors in the Middle of the Night During Saddleridge Fire

7-Year-Old Hero Saves Neighbors in the Middle of the Night During Saddleridge Fire

October 17, 2019
A quick-thinking 7-year-old boy is being praised online for saving his best friend and family during the Saddleridge Fire which erupted in the middle of the night.
Nathan Wang was woken up by his mother in the middle of the night to flee their home in Porter Ranch, Los Angeles during the Saddleridge Fire which broke out on October 10.
After waking up, the 7-year-old’s first concern was his best friend Liam, who lives next door.
“My mom woke me up, and then I jumped up out of my bed, put on my clothes, then I went out to tell my neighbors there’s a fire,” Wang told ABC7. “I was just afraid the fire would get to them.”
His mother, Monica Xu, told the network he was able to alert Liam and his family with his fast thinking. His best friend and family were reportedly unaware of the sudden order to evacuate.
“He jumped up, put on his clothes and screamed, ‘Liam! Liam!’, his best friend’s name and ran to the neighbor’s to ring their doorbell,” Xu said.
After returning to their home, Wang found a note on the front door thanking him and his family for informing them of the evacuation.
“Thank you from the bottom of (our) hearts for making sure we woke up and evacuated before the fire got even closer We will forever be grateful,” the note read. “We hope that you are all safe and can’t wait to see you all soon.”
Wang also found some of the hero firefighters in their neighborhood upon returning and personally thanked them for their efforts by giving them treats and Pokémon cards.
The fire, which has now been confirmed to have started under a high-voltage transmission tower in a 50 by 70 feet area underneath it, had torched over 8,300 acres of land, according to the Los Angeles Fire Department via CNN.
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