7-Year-Old Chinese Boy With Autism Earns $16,000 Teaching Yoga

7-Year-Old Chinese Boy With Autism Earns $16,000 Teaching Yoga
Bryan Ke
By Bryan Ke
February 6, 2018
Meet Sun Chuyang, the youngest yoga instructor in all of China — perhaps even the youngest in the world.
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At the very young age of seven, Sun, who comes from Taizhou in eastern China’s Zhejiang province, is already making tons of money. According to China Daily, he’s earned more than 100,000 yuan ($15,930) from teaching yoga, the group physical, mental, and spiritual practice or discipline that originated in ancient India.
Sun first took yoga about three years ago as a way to fight his slight autism. As said in the report, the boy was discovered to have the condition at a day care center when he was only two years old, so his mother closed down their apparel store to accompany her son to his yoga classes.
A year later, Sun displayed incredible talent in yoga. After a few years, Sun’s autistic tendencies proved to be less severe, with the “yoga treatment” assisting in helping him to become a high-functioning child.
yoga for kids
Sun, who received his yoga teaching certificate over a year ago, is now in high demand. Several local yoga centers have employed the young genius as an instructor to help teach and encourage youngsters to take the lifestyle. To date, it was said that Sun has already trained more than 100 students.
Featured image via China Daily
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