7 Signs Your Significant Other is Holding You Back From Success

7 Signs Your Significant Other is Holding You Back From Success
Max Chang
August 26, 2014
As we all know, having a quality significant other can greatly help increase your chances of being successful. Unfortunately, like all great things, it takes work, time, and even a little bit of luck to find that person. Sometimes, we aren’t sure of what exactly we do like and whether it really is good for us. How do you know if your significant other is one that will help propel you to the top, or hold you down? Here are seven signs you’re being held back by your partner.
They get mad because you’re always in meetings.
As an entrepreneur, you’re going to be in tons of meetings regardless of what your current success level is. Building quality relationships is a huge factor in growing your personal brand and company. Unless your significant other has legitimate evidence that you’re not actually where you say you are, they need to understand that constant meetings with people come with the territory. It’s not cool to be in an important meeting while your phone blows up with texts of when you’ll be home.
They give you a time limit to work.
Unless you’re already a multi-billionaire with all the fame and recognition the world has to offer, you need to be hustling 24/7. Time is finite, and wasting any of it can jeapordise the success of what you’re building towards. You don’t need someone that’s constantly giving you crap because you have to work in the wee hours of the morning.
They don’t seem to care when you share news with them.
A good spouse is not only your cheerleader, but they also engage with you and give thoughtful opinions when you talk to them about your ventures. If they seem uninterested, stare at their phone when being spoken to, or they frequently direct the conversations back to themselves, you’re going to have a bad time. It simply shows either that they’re not mature enough to understand what’s important, or they aren’t looking to be around for the long-term.
They suggest you to do other things.
Startup life is tough, aside from all the hard work that comes with it, there is also a huge amount of uncertainty. However, we push forward because it’s what we believe in. One of the worst things a significant other can do is immediately suggest you do other things when you express frustrations at work. “My friend Steve works at x corporation, and they are hiring. You should work there!” *face palm*
They don’t know how to manage money.
Building a business is the time when it’s extremely important for you to be focused and smart about finances. Being with someone who has no concept of saving and is constantly spending money they don’t have can begin to indirectly rub off on you. You need someone that understands that it takes baby steps to reach to the top.
They share everything you tell them with other people.
It’s no secret that you’ll most likely share a lot of things to your significant other when you come home at night. Sometimes those things can include sensitive company secrets that can be detrimental if given to the wrong people. You need to be with someone that understands the concept of discretion and is very careful with what they tell others. You’d be surprised how many casual split ups can occur because of a simple question like, “How’s your boyfriend’s company doing?”
They are depending on you for their well-being.
Unless you’re balling out of your ass, having a significant other who’s putting all money responsibilities on you is added stress you don’t need. A healthy relationship involves both people being independent of each other while also being able to work well with each other. If they have no clue what to do with their lives, and expect you to be the sole answer for that, it might be time to evaluate whether this is a relationship you want to be in.
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