7 Chinese Girlfriends Buy Huge House Where They Will Retire and Die Together

7 Chinese Girlfriends Buy Huge House Where They Will Retire and Die Together7 Chinese Girlfriends Buy Huge House Where They Will Retire and Die Together
Carl Samson
July 1, 2019
A group of seven girlfriends in southeastern China purchased a dream home as part of their pact to retire and die together in the future.
What started as a joke among the friends in 2008 has now become a reality in the 700-square meter (7,535-square foot) house in suburban Guangzhou, Guangdong province.
One of the ladies stumbled upon the property in January 2018, which sits some 70 kilometers (44 miles) away from the city center, according to Yitiao TV.
Together, they then pulled around 4 million yuan ($584,000) to buy and renovate the house, Shanghaiist reported.
Today, the place is a beautiful three-and-a-half story home set in the hills and partly surrounded by paddy fields.
The ground floor provides sufficient space for communal living, while the upper floors have individual rooms for each of the ladies.
Each room has a huge tatami and is still spacious enough to accommodate them as a group.
The house also boasts a lovely kitchen, glass washroom, swimming pool and pieces of furniture from India and Morocco.
The friends, who are all tea lovers, also built a tea pavilion in the middle of a paddy field, which connects to their lot through a bamboo walkway.
“We’ll probably cook together, barbecue in the fields, sing and collect food in the village,” one said.
Among themselves, the friends have already discussed the matter of learning an individual skill that they can use to contribute to their retirement household.
These include cooking, growing vegetables, playing instruments, traditional Chinese medicine and so on.
The ladies, who have 10 years as the biggest age gap, hope to live with each other in the years to come.
“Ten or 15 years later our children might have grown up, so we also hope that we can still be together in the next years,” one said.
The friends’ story touched many netizens:
“May I be the 8th?”
“Healthy lives with girlfriends!”
“What a beautiful house and story of friendship!”
That’s really touching! Hurrah to beautiful friendships!
“This house is incredible, built with the most beautiful friendship.”
Images via YouTube / Yitiao TV
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