Man Buys Coffee at 7-Eleven Everyday Because He’s Crushing on the Cashier, Gets Diabetes

A Taiwanese man was diagnosed with diabetes after buying coffee every day at a nearby 7-Eleven because he has a crush on a female employee.

The unidentified man shared his story on a popular Taiwanese forum called Dcard on Monday.

According to World of Buzz, the man titled his post saying, “When we are chasing after a girl, us guys need to depend on our perseverance to get the girl.”

His infatuation started two years ago when he first saw the 7-Eleven employee nearby branch.

Determined to get her attention and to make sure that she would remember him, the man decided to make his coffee order more special by requesting five spoonfuls of sugar in his coffee.

Surprised by his request, the woman asked, “Wouldn’t this be too sweet?” The man then replied, “Not as sweet as you.”

The line surprisingly worked as the woman gave him a smile. From that moment on, he kept coming back to the 7-Eleven branch to buy coffee with the same amount of sugar from the woman.

However, things took a turn for the worse as the man revealed in his last sentence, “Two years later, I got diabetes.”

While some netizens were concerned about the man’s health, others were skeptical of his story.

According to Healthline, eating too much sugar will not result in diabetes, but consuming excessive sugar is considered to be indirectly linked to the illness.

The report continued to explain that consuming too much sugar over a prolonged period of time can cause insulin resistance in the body, which could then cause blood sugar levels to rise and increase the risk of diabetes.

Featured Image via Flickr / slgckgc (Left), slayer (Right) (CC BY 2.0)

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