65-Year-Old Thai Woman Posts Viral Ad Looking for a Boyfriend, Still Single

A 65-year-old woman in Thailand’s rural Ubon Ratchathani Province who made headlines last week after making an ad seeking a partner is still looking for someone to spend the rest of her life with.

Many netizens were surprised by the news when pictures of divorcée Sompong Chomphupraphet posing with a man surfaced on Facebook.

Some people presumed that she finally found a new boyfriend in her life, but it turns out that the unidentified man was just a fan who wanted to get a photo with Sompong, according to Pattaya One.

Image via Facebook

The senior woman’s ad went viral last week when she posted a sign on her house’s gate explicitly seeking a “boyfriend aged 60-70” who is a “widower on pension.” She explained to Thai media that she posted the ad because she became lonely after going through a couple of failed marriages.

Sompong was once married to an Air Force officer with whom she had two children, but their relationship eventually turned sour after her husband’s drinking problem got out of hand, AsiaOne reported.

After going through the divorce, Sompong met a man in Germany and they began to hit it off. She married him and moved to Germany where she lived for 13 years.

The woman ended up divorcing her second husband as well. She moved back to Thailand and is now living alone.

Sompong is still seeking a man who will live with her during her final days.

Featured Image via Facebook / Me Dan Bok Duay Rayong, AsiaOne

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