6-Year-Old Chinese Boy Sleeps Under A Car Because His Dad Won’t Stop Beating Him

6-Year-Old Chinese Boy Sleeps Under A Car Because His Dad Won’t Stop Beating Him
Carl Samson
By Carl Samson
March 8, 2017
In a viral video that recently shocked Chinese netizens, a six-year-old boy breaks down in tears as he explains why he doesn’t want to go home. Ever.
As seen in the footage, the boy was in clear pain with fresh injuries covering his back. His legs and right ear were also bruised.
Sharing his plight to a woman, the boy said he slept underneath a car after his father beat him with slippers. He said he was beaten because he forgot to close a window, Shanghaiist reported.
When asked why he doesn’t want to go home, the boy gave a rather obvious response, “I’m scared Daddy will beat me.”
A Weibo commenter claimed that the boy’s father was already detained previously for a similar deed:
“Just recently, I checked out some local forums. I never could have expected that this kid was nearly beaten to death a few years ago. Afterward, it’s said that the father was only detained for two months and let out. Then, the child was beaten again.”
“He is beaten almost every day. If it goes on like this, sooner or later, the kid will die at his father’s hands. When that happens, no matter how heartbroken or regretful we are, it will be too late. I hope that the child can have a happy home, it’s up to the local government!” the user added.
Others echoed disgust for the father’s cruelty. Some even offered to adopt the boy (via Weibo):
“I also have a son, to see such a thing is so uncomfortable. How can I help him? I am willing to fund. Please top me up.”
“I’m crying. Not everyone fits to become a parent. If I’m not qualified to take that responsibility, I’m not going to get married.”
“Can my family adopt this boy? At home, there are two girls, our parents do business and certainly give us a better life and growth environment. Come to my house to be my brother!”
Meanwhile, others questioned the woman’s sincerity in “helping” the kid as she described how nobody wants him. She even asked his plans after everything that happened:
“The speaker is really funny, why does she have to tell that his mother does not want him, his grandparents do not want him, his aunt can not support him.”
The boy has been sent to a shelter for the time being while his father was detained by authorities.
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