Over 500 Elderly Women Flock to Compete at Bikini Contest in China

More than 500 elderly women have gathered to strut their stuff at a bikini contest in Tianjin, China, last week.

The aunties defied aging with their stunning looks, proving that no one is ever too old to be sexy.

According to NetEase, the oldest participant for this year was 80!

Many of the participants came from Tianjin and Beijing.

The contest is an annual event held in Tianjin every summer. It is open to women at least 55 years of age, Shanghaiist noted.

The event, which hopes to provide an avenue for China’s elderly women to express themselves, is hosted by the senior citizens’ committee and the Hetong Charitable Foundation for the Elderly.

Indeed, age is nothing but a number.

Stay sexy, ladies!

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