Charity Bookstore Keeps Getting Copies of ‘Fifty Shades’, Begs People to Stop Donating

One U.K. charity bookstore would really love it if people would stop donating their copies of “Fifty Shades of Grey”.

The erotica fictional series written by E.L James has been a hit among women and some men who have obsessed over the love story of one Anastasia Steele and lustful Christian Grey. As the hype for the erotic thriller has died down, many are looking for ways to rid themselves of it.

Goldstone Books, an Oxfam charity shop in Swansea has received so many copies of “Fifty Shades” that they had enough to build a rather impressive book fort.

Phil Broadhurst, owner of Goldstone Books, told Mirror:

“We appreciate all the donations — but less Fifty Shades and more sixties and seventies vinyl would be good. There are a lot of people obsessed by Fifty Shades of Grey, we get people bringing in new copies all the time. Enough is enough.”

Apparently publishing company Random House used a special binding for the books, which makes it impossible to recycle them.  


h/t: BoredPanda
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