50 Pole Dancers Perform on Jeeps For Politician’s Funeral in Taiwan

Fifty scantily-clad women recently performed sexy dance moves along the streets of Chiayi county in Taiwan on Tuesday, not for a festival, but for a funeral of a local Taiwanese politician.

The pole dancers were reportedly hired to liven up the send off to Council Speaker Tung Hsiang, who was 76 years old at the time of his passing, according to Taiwan News (via Shanghaiist).


In the ceremony, the funeral babes were seen pole-dancing atop individual jeeps to loud music. As expected, a sizable crowd, armed with mobile phone cameras, gathered to watch the titillating spectacle.


According to the deceased’s son, his father “enjoyed a buzz” and he was hoping the pole dancers would give his dad a “happy departure.”

While pole dancers and strippers in funerals may be quite unusual for Westerners, such practice is quite common in Taiwan where partial stripping is widely performed during festivals, private parties, and funerals. In fact, the industry, dubbed as “Electric Flower Cars or EFC”, flourishes in Taiwan.

In an AFP report back in 2012, University of South Carolina anthropologist Marc Moskowitz was quoted as saying that the practice may have evolved from the Chinese concept of “hot and noisy”, which evokes positive meanings.

“In traditional Chinese and contemporary Taiwanese culture this signifies that for an event to be fun or noteworthy it must be full of noise and crowds,” said Moskowitz.

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