5-Year-Old Filipino Girl Missing After Father Punishes Her By Leaving Her in the Forest

A young girl in the Philippines is nowhere to be found after her own father reportedly left her in a forest as a form of punishment.

The father, identified as Felipe Eranzo, went to local authorities in Famy, Laguna on Wednesday to file a report that his 5-year-old girl named Maria Fe had gone missing.

In his police statement, Eranzo claimed that his daughter had “embarrassed” him in front of his drinking buddies, so he smacked her on the back of her neck, MailOnline reported.

He told police that his daughter had passed out after he struck her, but he still left her in the forest while unconscious to allegedly “teach her a lesson.” When he came back to retrieve her, however, she was no longer in the spot where he had supposedly left her.

Eranzo was soon arrested and is now facing child abuse charges for his actions. Police officers are still reportedly searching for the missing child, according to GMA News.

Last year, a misbehaving 7-year-old Japanese boy was given a similar punishment by his parents who decided to leave him in a bear-inhabited forest in the northern island of Hokkaido. The boy named, Yamato Tanooka, was found by soldiers a week later, hungry but unharmed inside a hut on a military base. The boy reportedly walked some 3.4 miles from the spot where he was abandoned by his parents.

Feature Image via YouTube / GMA News

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