5 Things Every Raver Should Know for EDC

5 Things Every Raver Should Know for EDC
Leanna Chan
May 14, 2019
Festival season is in swing with EDC Las Vegas right around the corner!

1. Stay Hydrated

Do not let the thirst be real. You’re going to be partying, sweating, dancing, and you will need to refill on electrolytes. CamelBaks are a popular  choice, as well as refillable water bottle with a convenient carabiner.

2. Beware of Pickpockets

You shouldn’t keep anything in your back pockets. Like with any crowded event, there is a history of pickpocketing. Thieves will “accidentally” bump into you to try to feel if anything is in your pockets. If you catch repeat bumpers who can’t seem to stop running into you, you should be aware that you might be their target. Another tactic for pickpockets is that they will target someone in a rave train and break them off from their friends. While they’re preoccupied trying to catch up with their friends, the pickpocket will strike.

3. Pack Light

Aside the essentials, you won’t need to bring a lot into the festival. A small backpack or waist bag should be enough. After all, many items are prohibited from being taken inside. The smaller the bag, the easier it will be to keep track of your belongings too. To the point above, you should always wear your bag in front when entering a crowd.

4. Keep in Communication With Your Rave Fam

As you split up from your friends to go watch separate DJs, you should designate a meeting spot with your squad. It can be impossible to find someone at a festival of this size unless you know exactly where they’re going. Cell service might get shoddy depending on your provider, so it’s also a good idea to add the time after each message. Example: “Heading to food stands 2:23am”

5. Do Not Tighten Your Wristband Too Early

Image via Reddit
The wristband ticket is designed to stay on one person until the event is over. Once you tighten it, you can’t go back. Be sure to put on the wristband a day before or on the event. If not, you might end up having to pay for a replacement or have to wear it into all your business meetings.
Feature Images via Instagram/EDC Las Vegas
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